LIBS Module for Dolomite Content Evaluation on a Conveyor


In an earlier project, LDS proved the feasibility of laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) technology for real-time online evaluation of dolomite content in phosphate rock on a moving belt conveyor and developed a prototype module for dolomite concentration evaluation in phosphates. The aim of the current project was the development of an industrialized LIBS module for online Mg, Fe, Al and Insol content evaluation in phosphate rock moving on a conveyor. As a result, we constructed and successfully tested for a period of nine months an industrialized LIBS module under actual field conditions. The comparison between LIBS and laboratory data was quite satisfactory. During the test period, continuously collected data showed the large variability in rock quality and the ability of technology to minimize this problem by discarding only a small portion of the pebble.

Michael Gaft et al., Laser Detect Systems Ltd. September 2007.