Management of Nuisance and Exotic Vegetation on Phosphate Mined Lands in Florida


Invasive exotic plants are major problems in natural areas and on reclaimed mined lands in Florida. Even some native plants can be highly competitive when re-establishing plant communities on disturbed lands and have been included in the term “nuisance plants.” There are regulatory requirements to control invasive exotic and nuisance plants on reclaimed mined lands in Florida. The control of exotic and native nuisance plants is a major contributor to reclamation costs on mined lands in Florida. The main purpose of this manual is to provide information that will aid in more cost-effective weed control and more successful reclamation of mined lands. The information is also applicable to restoration efforts on non-mined lands. Information in the manual is based on more than 20 years of research and demonstration projects conducted by FIPR Institute staff and cooperators, plus published reports and the experience of other researchers and reclamation and restoration practitioners. The recommendations in the manual are the authors’ attempts to summarize and synthesize the available published and unpublished information. A bibliography is also included for those who wish to delve into various topics in greater detail. The manual provides management methods for the various exotic and native nuisance plants but also for Florida vegetation communities and the related Florida Land Use, Cover and Forms Classification System (FLUCFCS) types.

Steven G. Richardson, Florida Industrial and Phosphate Research Institute; Edward Murawski, Kleinfelder. September 2012.